An unexceptional day

Today was an exceptionally uneventful day.

We didn’t drive hundreds of kilometres over picturesque roads. We didn’t visit any stunning scenery or noted historical landmarks. We didn’t even stay by a body of water (which, if you have followed our adventure so far, you will know to be a favourite of mine).

What we did do, initially, was all wake up in a bad mood. Yesterday hadn’t gone quite to plan. I had enjoyed our first day in the Black Forest the previous day, so had high expectations. They didn’t work out. We’d driven rather a lot, to a place as soon as we arrived we knew we wouldn’t stay, and then realised the natural feature we wanted to see we’d have to pay to see… we didn’t.. we looked at a tacky clock shop instead as there were mechanical bears that entertained our toddler for all of five minutes (which is actually a long time by toddler standards).

After getting our toddler dressed and sitting down to breakfast this morning, we considered this an achievement for the day and anything else would be a bonus. Then it started to rain. Hard. And it hasn’t stoped all day. Okay, so you know what, we said we would have even less expectations for the day. And you also know what, I think this was the best thing we could have done.

What we have done today, after waking in a bad mood and the rain pouring down, is effectively have a tradional rainy Sunday (I know its not actually Sunday but today felt like it). We went food shopping, but just for today’s food. We watched Finding Dory, without feeling guilty we should be outdside doing something more educational or constructive. We played in a make-shift tent with all the stuffed animals rehearsing the same scenario over and over (for over half an hour the rabbits ate radishes and then hid from Mr McGregor, over and over, and over again). We did eventually go outside the van to splash in puddles and play with the water dripping off the wheel arch. So what we didn’t go any farther than 2 meters away.  We had a hot shower with lots of bubbles for Mabel (if you live in a van you will understand how this is pure luxury). And then we had a kids comfort meal of fish fingers and mash.

A pretty good day really. Nothing exceptional. But good for our souls.

2 thoughts on “An unexceptional day

  • 1st September 2018 at 8:07 am

    Sounds like just what you needed x Everyone needs those days #recharged

  • 2nd September 2018 at 8:10 am

    Hello out there. I feel you just need to find your right place. That’s a ridiculous comment but hey ho. Going into autumn here and Devon is lovely. Swallows are practising their flying skills and they will be off on their long journey soon. Alway sad but as a wise man told me, one day nearer them returning next year and that is how I shall think. Happy Sunday.


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