Ah, oh dear.

i took the van in for it’s mot on Friday, and, it failed, despite two separate garages looking it over and giving it the all clear. It’s currently being worked on , and hopeful garage number three can turn it around today. The other slight issue, is Liz is on day three in bed with suspected food poisoning. This has been a major setback, as i’ve Been trying to look after. Mabel, finish jobs on the van, tidy out our stuff from my parents house, etc.

Basically, i think were not quite going to make our ferry, and so Liz is going to call the company, and see if we can postpone our crossing by a couple of days. Neither of us feel great about it, but after countless bad nights of sleep, and trying to get so many jobs done, we have decided its better to head off in good spirits rather than totally burnt out. Besides the weather should improve in Belgium for next week 🙂

i’ll Try and post a van update soon, with a few boring before and after, and pop something up here that’s a bit more fun to read.



this is going to be brief.

here we are sat in the front room the day after Mabel’s birthday party opening her gifts, and i’m Starting to well up writing this. The kindness, warmth, and love we have had, has been completely overwhelming.

i’ll speak for myself when i say, i’ve Always been a loner, and i’m Kind of happy that way. However, the connected feeling I have had from clients as i left work, and friends along the way is more than i am able to express in words!

you have all meant so much to me, and i shall miss you all deeply.

please, please, stay in touch.

I must sign off now, as i get myself back together, the jobs list is so long.

thanks a million for everything!

Huge hugs.


craig xxx

Well, yesterday was a bit of a low for me, i’d Grafted away on the van, Liz has been looking after a very poorly Mabel, and we are all running on empty after a good few days of crap sleep. I was fitting some new mudguards to liz’ Bike, and their lack of fitment was the last ba$tard straw that broke my back.


today is a new day, and rather than dwell, or mope in my case (trust me , i moped a lot yesterday) we pressed ahead, new fire extinguisher fitted, inline water valve, both found and fitted, new led lights fitted, dash flocked out and looking resplendent in new fake grass, and a whole host of progress in store for tomorrow. Hopefully we can get some pics up of the van interior tomorrow to show some progress. Feeling both hopeful and slightly dwarfed by what is still to do. It will come though….

I really want to write a decent update about what were up to at the moment, but to be honest, we are up to our necks in it. I stopped working last week, and have not had a second since to have a breather. Were wiring, painting, ordering, researching, fitting, fettling, and generally figuring out what on earth were supposed to be doing. It’s fine, but all rather stressful whilst trying to find time for friends and family, and look after an inquisitive two year old who is obsessed with ‘telly’ (we’ve not had one for 13 years, and every time we tell her it’s ‘broken’ she wanders behind the cabinet to look at the wires!)

there have already been some lovely comments, and ther are so many people i personally would like to thank, but before i start on a long and rambly post, i have a shit load of stuff to get through (find suitable electrical connectors, find the new one way valve i’ve misplaced, finish off liz’ Mudguards on her bike, find new brackets for the bathroom door I’m making, you get the jist)

anyway, this Malbec wont drink itself and i’ve Got jobs to do. Will try to update you all again soon. Craig